FAAST Athletic Development Programs
CoreBox Training Center, powered by Reebok, is the pinnacle of sports performance, intricately designed to maximize an athlete's ability to dominate in their upcoming seasons. Otherwise known as FAAST (Functional Athletic Agility and Strength Training), our program brings world class collegiate and professional level athlete training to youth athletes around the south shore area.

This summer, we're pleased to announce open registration for our Summer Athletic Development Programs, which will be held for all middle and high school athletes.

The world of sports is evolving everyday. The days of an athlete making it to the next level, whether it be college or professional, solely off their natural skills alone are long gone. The competition is far too high, as the amount of athlete's putting in work training every off-season is rising. Our Youth Athletic Development Camps are specifically designed to give each athlete an edge over the competition. By bringing training programs used by professional athletes, and implementing them at a level suitable per each athlete, we can personalize each program to improve YOUR game, not just any arbitrary high school athlete.

How we differ from other training programs is the recognition that each sport has it's own unique movements that need to be trained specifically to improve in-game functionality (i.e. a hockey player and a swimmer should NEVER train the same way). Furthermore, each position within any given sport requires an additional set of unique movements that need to vary between positions (i.e. a baseball centerfielder and a baseball catcher shouldn't train the same). Lastly, and this is where it gets borderline obsessive with how intricate our programs are: NO TWO ATHLETES OF ANY SPORT OR POSITION SHOULD TRAIN EXACTLY ALIKE! Each athlete is created differently, from their injury history to their movement imbalances and genetic abilities, so why should two linebackers, although they both play the same position, train the same way? One could have had a torn MCL which caused their hips and knees to function differently while the other may have a nagging shoulder injury from a previous collision. Those two athlete's need different programs to keep them 100% healthy going into their upcoming seasons.

This is how professional athlete's train, and this is what we here at CoreBox are excited to bring to the youth level. Let's give our middle and high school athlete's the greatest opportunity to continuing playing the sport they love, bringing them up to the next level through cutting edge, individualized program design.

Due to the snow and various cancellations, we are aiming to begin training on June 25th, however this may change once we determine when most schools will be having their last day. Once signed up, we will be updating everyone interested via email as we approach the end of school. Summer conditioning will be held on Mon/Wed/Fri (total of 27 sessions) at 10:30am. In efforts to keep the athlete to coach ratio low, we will offer additional time slots once the maximum capacity is reached for each hour.
For more information on how we can get your athlete or team to the next level, please feel free to email us at coreboxtrainingcenter@gmail.com. Space is limited, to register, please see the link below.
Program Overview:
  • 9 Weeks of Training - 27 (1) hour sessions
  • Individualized training programs for each athlete
  • 3-Phase Training Program to progress athletes to become more athletic while reducing the risk for injury
  • Proper technique and form emphasized
  • Nutritional education to teach athletes not only how to train, but also how to fuel their bodies
  • Pre- and post- workout nutrition & hydration provided each session
  • CoreBox Graphic T-Shirt for each participant
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$100 savings when signing up before June 1st
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