Supplementation is a funny thing in exercise, people go through years of testing new products only to find that 99% of them are garbage. The lineup at Pacific Health Labs line of products (specifically Accelerade and Endurox) are by far some of the best on the market. The goal of their products is to expedite recovery times through basic nutrition principles. The faster you recover, the harder your next workout can be, the greater affect it will have on your body and fitness. While we may have been taught specific pre- and post- workout nutrition, we here at CoreBox can assure you that what you learned is outdated knowledge, and the new wave of exercise nutrition is here....Accelerade & Endurox, the only addition needed to supplement your workouts here at CoreBox.
If you're looking for an incredible chiropractor that will help you maintain your overall and spinal health, Dr. Steve Heney is the guy for you. His compassion as a medical professional is unparalleled, caring for each patient as if they were family, and his knowledge base of the human body is beyond impressive. Steve has worked on our trainers and fighters for years now, and is in our opinion the best around. Located in Pembroke just past the Hanover Mall, Dr. Heney's work is something we recommend all our members experience.
Perform Better is the leader in quality functional training equipment, and most of the stuff you see in this gym came directly from their Warwick, RI location. Excellent customer service with a huge knowledge base and passion for fitness and new products, Perform Better is the place to go if you need any personal fitness equipment. Or, if you see something on their website that you think would positively impact our center, please let us know.
We're incredibly grateful to have been selected as one of the demo sites for Hykso punch tracking sensors. Hykso is a revolutionary product that brings real-time punch information directly to your phone, showing punch count, punch speed, and type of punch thrown. We will be available for demo's if you're interested in testing out the product. We look forward to being given the opportunity to help further develop this product through our testing feedback.
Being one of the few centers in the country, and only one on the east coast powered by Reebok, we're please to be in partnership with them. Reebok is one of the world's most well known companies in apparel and footwear, and are continuing to find new ways to bring fitness to life! Recently, their Combat Sports initiative is bringing the fighting arts to the forefront of fitness, exposing the world to just how beneficial it can be for your health and fitness.
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