Everybody LOVES mitt work and body bash. I mean who wouldn’t?! You get to hit someone, and not get hit back. What we’ve developed is a training session with as much one-on-one time with a trainer as possible (keeping the ratio at a max of 4:1), where you’ll learn more advanced boxing techniques hitting the mitts, punch shield, and body armor.

Mitts & Metabolics
($10/member, $15/non-member)

Ever wanted to run one of those crazy obstacle races? Or are you a seasoned pro and are looking to do another one? This class will properly mimic the course in a shortened, progressive time period to help keep you safe from injury during the grueling 12 mile trek through the mud and chaos, and absolutely dominate the course!

Tuff Mudder Prep ($10/person)

Here at CoreBox and TNT Boxing we believe in getting our future generations moving and active as early as we can. Our kids boxing classes combine drills to teach self defense, boxing basics, and overall athleticism, while making it fun and effective for ages 8-15 years old. Additional accommodations for age may be made solely by the training staff of TNT Boxing and CoreBox.

Youth Boxing (Ages 8-15)

Ever wonder what athletes do to improve their game? Any elite athlete is at the top of their game and in freakish shape because of their training, including speed/agility drills. This class focuses on a variety of drills intended to improve both your speed and agility. Various pieces of equipment including Air Dyne bikes, agility ladders, drag sleds, and cone drills will be used.

Speed, Agility, Quickness

Pyramid style class utilizing a variety of movements with rep ranges from 10 down to 1 and back up. Up and down the ladder as many times as you can in 10 minute increments.


This class is the definition of CoreBox and is our trademark class of what makes us different from every other club you’ve ever seen.  Come experience a full 90 minutes of boxing, functional training, and athletic development encompassing our entire space!

Taught by multiple trainers at once, you'll experience 30 minutes of boxing, 30 minutes of proper functional movement training, and 30 minutes of raw conditioning...a full 90 minutes of hard work to start your weekend off right!

Combo Crush

This is our staple boxing class. In the 60 minute workout, you can expect a variety of drills including mitt work, bag work, conditioning drills, and overall boxing instruction. Come learn the sweet science of boxing while getting an incredible workout!

Boxing 101

Athletic Conditioning Circuit (ACC) is a circuit style class, where the exercises last for 45 seconds, followed by a 15 second rest time. Using a variety of equipment from medicine balls, tubing, benches, dumbbells, agility ladders, tires, and much more, we are able to accommodate over 40 people per class! No two classes are ever the same, and can be scaled to any level of fitness/athleticism.

Athletic Conditioning Circuit

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