Fighter Development
This is our official introduction to what we like to call "new-age boxing training". Old school techniques that meet new school training protocols. If you're a fighter looking to make the next level in your career, or a newbie to boxing that is thinking about trying out fighting for the first time, our skilled boxing coaches have all the tools necessary to improve your performance in the ring.

The world of boxing is changing, daily, and we at CoreBox recognize this, bringing the most advanced training systems, programs, and technologies to your training program. Keeping ahead of the competition is the most important thing in any sport, especially boxing where you need to know what your opponent is doing 4 moves before they do.

If you're in training for a fight, your training program encompasses a full scale production of boxing and conditioning training, nutritional development, and injury prevention. Improving a boxer's conditioning through innovative program design, coupled with unrivaled boxing expertise in the area, we're able to properly build you into the best fighter you can possibly become! This full scale approach has been utilized by various amateur and professional fighters in the area, and has been the main course for our fighters continued success in the ring.
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