Michael Foley

Owner, Director of CB Function

Michael's first introduction to the gym was when he was just 9 years old with his father, and instantly he fell in love with the benefits strength training brought to his in-game performance in sports. Starting working in a gym at 15 years old, Michael has literally been in the gym business his entire life. At 17 he was fortunate enough to have met his mentor, who opened his eyes to the world of functional training with one simple question: Why sit down to lift weight up?

Since then, Michael has worked with populations of all ages and abilities, ranging from 8-83 yrs old including populations ranging from Division 1 athletes to geriatrics and professional fighters to clients with neuromuscular disorders (i.e. MS, Parkinson's, etc.). Combining his knowledge within the field of training and applying it to real life movements, Michael has blended his unique form of functional training to be able to create individualized training programs for each client he sees.

Michael was a high school hockey, football, and track (javelin & discus) athlete in high school, later competing at the collegiate level in hockey. He's still an avid boxer and golfer, and references his earliest childhood memories boxing in his family home's basement with his father.

Favorite Quote: The more you sweat in practice the less you bleed in battle

Timothy Stanton

Owner, Director of CB Boxing

Tim Stanton has over 35 years of boxing/coaching experience. Over the years he has trained everyone from children to pro athletes. He has also used his boxing talents to assist children with special needs, children that have been bullied and family members that have suffered a loss from opioid addiction. 

Tim has also lent his boxing talents to the Northeastern University hockey team as well as several AHL and NHL clients.  He has developed a unique training system that focuses on fighting techniques used by professional hockey players.

Tim has also worked on several projects assisting woman who have been victimized by domestic and sexual abuse.   Once again giving them back the self -confidence that they once had.

Tim currently is the boxing director/coach for the Metro Boston Police Athletic League Boxing Team.  This team has enjoyed International as well as Domestic success including 4 National Champions at the 2015 PAL National Boxing Championships.

Since 2014 to present Tim has been the Boxing Director and Coordinator at the World Headquarters of Reebok International.  In that capacity Tim has assisted with Reeboks new venture into combat sports.

As a youth Tim was trained by Ring 4 Hall of Fame member Bernie Doherty at South Boston’s PAL gym.  The skills and techniques Bernie passed on to Tim he now passes on to everyone he trains. 

The philosophy that Tim lives by is that BOXING IS FOR EVERYONE.

Mark Foley

Membership, Boxing Trainer

Mark has been involved in boxing for over 30 years and an avid fitness nut for even longer. Starting in high school playing football, Mark learned that a little hard work can bring you a long way.
In his late 20's he fell in love with traditional strength training, working with a good friend and bodybuilder who opened his eyes to the world of heavy lifting. Since then, Mark doesn't know how to not learn something new, constantly researching and testing new exercises, boxing drills, and programs.
If you're in need of some motivation, look no further. You'll feel like you're fighting for the world title under Mark's direction, whether it be hitting a bag, pad work, body drills, or one of his specially designed programs.
Mark truly is a one man army: working with the female fight team here at CoreBox; assisting in the athletic development program for high school athletes; is our membership coordinator; and is the main reason the gym is spotless and running well every day.
Pretty much if you need anything, from memberships to a mop, or pad work to class descriptions, Mark will know what's going on.

Keith Burke

Head Boxing Trainer

Keith started boxing at the age of 12 as a JO. In his teens he began to branch out into other athletic areas and even traveled to Europe with an American National soccer team in the summer of 1985.

He returned to boxing in his late 20's to stay in shape at O'Malleys/Farrell's in Quincy where he trained with many local Amatuer and Professional boxers. After some time he began training for competitions, sparring with these fighters almost daily.  Keith met Tim Stanton and Mike Foley in the early 2000's and has been with TNT Boxing since 2006.

Having been around boxing his entire life, Keith has a ton of knowledge of the sport, technique, and various drills and is always coming up with something new to challenge the class!

Pat Bradley

Boxing Trainer

Pat brings to CoreBox decades of experience in amateur and professional boxing, both as a coach and a fighter.

He also currently runs a youth boxing program for inner-city children, is the assistant coach of Boston Police Athletic League's boxing team, which is an amateur boxing team that competes internationally. Pat's laid back style, coupled with his vast knowledge of the sport, makes him a great coach and mentor for anyone, new-comer to professional boxer.

Always developing new drills, Pat keeps his clients constantly on their toes...both figuratively and literally!

Matt Harkins

Boxing Trainer

Matt has been boxing for over 7 years, starting at the age of 15. Playing football at the time, and not being too fond of the traditional strength training related to the sport, Matt found other ways to stay in shape for his seasons, and eventually his passion in boxing.

Over the years, Matt has perfected his craft by challenging himself in the ring in several bouts and countless hours of sparring with anyone really. Matt can't say no to a good sparring session, whether it's his 4 year old boxing client or a seasoned professional fighter.

Matt is currently studying motor development at Bridgewater State University. His dream is to become an adaptive physical education teacher upon his graduation. Matt blends his future profession and his current passion with each client and class that he works with, creating a laid back, yet incredibly challenging atmosphere that all levels of fitness can benefit from.

Bill Jalbert

Athletic Development Specialist, Personal Trainer

"To this day, I still remember the exact moment where I looked at myself in the mirror and knew that I had to make a change"
Bill was introduced to fitness at the age of 15 when he joined Cyr Farrels boxing gym in Quincy MA. He would spend 3-4 hours a day doing boxing drills, sparring countless numbers of rounds and aesthetic lifting, eventually acquiring the nickname "Everyday" Billy J. Boxing helped Bill lose 60 pounds in 6 months and helped him discover his passion for fitness. Bill started working the desk at BSC in weymouth at 16, and was asked to become a trainer a year later. While training at BSC, Bill learned a lot about the importance of functional training and power training from his Boss/ friend/mentor Brian. To further his knowledge Bill attended the American Academy of Personal Training.
Bill has become the product of his own self experimentation through hours of research and development. His training styles touch upon everything from Power lifting, Olympic lifting,strength and conditioning, aesthetic lifting, and general weight loss. Over the past 5 years, Bill has helped over 100 clients reach their goals, so he knows what works and what doesn't!

Billy Alessi

Boxing Trainer

Bio Coming Soon!

Michael Bradley

Boxing Trainer

Michael first began boxing as a little kid, learning from his father everything from the basics to more advanced boxing techniques. Through his own love for the sport and desire to learn, Michael has evolved his knowledge to be the well rounded boxer and trainer he is today.

His athletic background includes playing many sports in high school along with weight training. Applying this background to his classes and clients, Michael provides a unique blend of cardio training, core training, and proper fundamentals of boxing.  Michael loves working with people of all ages and enjoys leading fun rigorous workouts.

When he's not in the gym, you can find Michael on the stage as he also loves to sing and act!

Martha Tremblay

Boxing Trainer

Legal Assistant by day, boxing trainer at night. Martha began boxing in 1997 to get in shape and to challenge herself. She competed in the first U.S. Women’s National Championships in Scranton, PA.  After retiring in 2002, she wanted to stay involved and contribute to the sport. She began coaching as well as judging in the amateurs, including the National Golden Gloves and the Elite U.S. Championships.  In 2013, she received her license to judge professionally and has judged over 50 professional boxing matches in New England, which include some nationally-televised bouts on Fox Sports 1.  She recently made history officiating in the first professional all-female judges show in MA. 

Her passion for boxing continues, and she wants to share what she has learned with others.  She specializes in old-school boxing drills, core training, footwork and technique for all ages and levels.  Her heavy bag series is combined with body-weight drills with a heavy focus on cardio to the beat of music.  Boxing motivates her in and out of the gym, and her students are her inspiration.  As in life, she believes boxing challenges you every day.

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