One-on-One Training
One-on-one training is the best possible form of achieving your own personal goals. Our personal trainers here at CoreBox are skilled in various forms of training, athletic development, and nutritional advising. We'll start each training program with a Functional Movement Screen and full assessment. Using everything we discover about you we can properly design a safe and effective training program, individualized to your movement dysfunctions and personal goals.

Assessments here at CoreBox are complimentary to everyone, members and non-members. Take advantage of learning more about your body and the way it moves with one of our experienced personal's free!
●  Weight Loss

●  Athletic Development

●  Functional Strength

●  Season Prep

●  Proper Technique

●  Nutritional Advising

For information on how to get set up with one of our trainers or receive your complimentary assessment,

call Michael Foley (617) 827-0992 or email

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