What We offer


Here at CoreBox, our Boxing 101 class is designed for all levels and abilities to receive the same quality workout. In all of our classes you'll get the chance to focus on bag work, technique, mitts/pads, body bash, and much more with our experienced trainers.

Home of TNT Boxing Team, we are home to various local amateur and developing professional fighters. Our unique blend of training offers fighters the most cutting edge science and technology to properly prepare them for their upcoming fights.

Various times throughout the year we hold amateur boxing matches to showcase the talented fighters in the area. These "fight nights" are a huge success and everyone involved enjoys themselves. Keep in touch to see when our next fight night is!

Classes Offered
Boxing 101 Mon-Thurs 6:30pm
Women's Boxing Mon, Wed, Fri 9:00am
Boxing Bootcamp Sat 8:30am
MF Boxing Intervals Sun 8:30am
Rock Steady Boxing
(Parkinson's Disease)
Weds 1:30pm

Functional training is designed around the individual, replicating movements that you would regularly perform in your day to day activities, sports, or hobbies.

Functional training should be exactly that...FUNCTIONAL! It should be movements that are organic to our nature as human beings and help us prevent injuries from occurring, while developing greater levels of athleticism than we ever thought possible.

Yes, you're an athlete, whether you believe it or not, we all perform athletic movements every day. It's time to ditch the barbell and hop off the treadmill, and come experience what it's like to develop a body that looks good as a side effect of moving well. Train movements, not muscles, and the results you see will be far greater than what you could achieve on any machine!

Classes Offered
Pyramid Mon 5:30pm​
Athletic Conditioning Circuit Tues & Thurs 5:30pm
Speed & Agility Weds 5:30pm
Progression Training Tues & Thurs 8:30am

One-on-one training is the best possible form of achieving your own personal goals. Our personal trainers here at CoreBox are skilled in various forms of training, athletic development, and nutritional advising. We'll start each training program with a Functional Movement Screen and full assessment. Using everything we discover about you we can properly design a safe and effective training program, individualized to your movement dysfunctions and personal goals.

Assessments here at CoreBox are complimentary to everyone, members and non-members. Take advantage of learning more about your body and the way it moves with one of our experienced personal trainers...it's free!

For information on how to get set up with one of our trainers or receive your complimentary assessment, call us at (781) 437-7883 and ask for Michael Foley, or email us at coreboxtrainingcenter@gmail.com

Why Personal Training?
  • Weight Loss
  • Athletic Development
  • Functional Strength
  • Movement Correction
  • Injury Rehab/Prevention
  • Season Prep
  • Proper Technique
  • Nutritional Advising

So personal training isn't for you, whether it be too expensive or don't enjoy working out one-on-one with a trainer. Then why should your workouts suffer just because you want to workout with a friend, loved one, or colleague? What we've witnessed in the past is small group training sessions are conducted without any rhyme or reason to the exercises chosen or set up of the program, and basically look like the trainer is just trying to make the workout hard so the clients "get a good sweat".

This in NO WAY IS PERSONAL TRAINING! As experts in this field, we take offense to trainers that do such things with their clients and here we are, calling them out and offering a more personalized, upgraded approach to small group training.

The typical structure of small group training we see across gyms today makes the incorrect assumption that everyone is exactly alike. It should be obvious, but we are not all the same! Everything about us is so unique from our daily movements and hobbies/sports to our injury history and DNA.

We creatively design individualized programs for each individual within a training program, bringing to you true personal training at a fraction of the cost!

Why Small Group Training?
  • Personalized Program Design
  • Train with friends, loved ones, colleagues
  • Significantly decreased cost for quality program
  • Proper form and technique
  • Functional movement screening & assessments
  • Strive towards your unique goal, not just working out to "sweat"
  • 4-8 people per training session
Amateur and Professional

This is our official introduction to what we like to call "new-age boxing training". Old school techniques that meet new school training protocols. If you're a fighter looking to make the next level in your career, or a newbie to boxing that is thinking about trying out fighting for the first time, our skilled boxing coaches have all the tools necessary to improve your performance in the ring.

The world of boxing is changing, daily, and we at CoreBox recognize this, bringing the most advanced training systems, programs, and technologies to your training program. Keeping ahead of the competition is the most important thing in any sport, especially boxing where, like chess, playing 3 moves ahead will ensure success.

If you're in training for a fight, your training program encompasses a full scale production of boxing and conditioning training, nutritional development, and injury prevention. Improving a boxer's conditioning through innovative program design, coupled with unrivaled boxing expertise in the area, we're able to properly build you into the best fighter you can possibly become! This full scale approach has been utilized by various amateur and professional fighters in the area, and has been the main course for our fighters continued success in the ring.

Interested in fighting? Email us at coreboxtrainingcenter@gmail.com or stop by the center for more info!

Have you always been interested in trying personal training, but perhaps your schedule won't allow time to meet with a trainer or it's too expensive for your budget? We have a perfect solution to these problems here at CoreBox.

Our trainers are OBSESSED with developing new training programs for each individual, the personalizing of each program is our favorite part of the job. Basically we follow similar protocols as if you were starting one-on-one training, beginning with an assessment, functional movement screen, etc. Then from there we develop a personalized program unique to your goals and needs, then from there you take it home with you to perform the daily workouts.

During your time away from the center, our personal trainers are very readily available for phone calls, texts, emails, etc. if you have any questions regarding your program.

We do the design work, all you need to do is follow the program at your convenience and pace. All the guess work about what exercises and sets or reps is taken out, and an easy to follow program is given to you. This is by far the most affordable option of quality personal training that you will ever find, guaranteed!

Any questions regarding Program Design, or to get a personalized workout for yourself, call (617) 827-0992 or email coreboxtrainingcenter@gmail.com