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Small Group Training

So personal training isn't for you, whether it be too expensive or don't enjoy working out one-on-one with a trainer. Then why should your workouts suffer just because you want to workout with a friend, loved one, or colleague? What we've witnessed in the past is small group training sessions are conducted without any rhyme or reason to the exercises chosen or set up of the program, and basically look like the trainer is just trying to make the workout hard so the clients "get a good sweat".

Let's be clear, what is described above in NO WAY IS PERSONAL TRAINING! As experts in this field, we take offense to trainers that do such things with their clients and here we are, calling them out and offering a more personalized, upgraded approach to small group training.

The typical structure of small group training we see across gyms today makes the incorrect assumption that everyone is exactly alike. It should be obvious, but we are not all the same! Everything about us is so unique from our daily movements and hobbies/sports to our injury history and DNA.

We creatively design individualized programs for each individual within a training program, bringing to you true personal training at a fraction of the cost!


Small Group


●  Personalized Program Design

●  Train with friends, loved ones, colleagues

●  Significantly decreased cost for quality 

●  Proper form and technique

●  Functional movement screening & 

●  Strive towards your unique goal, not just working out to "sweat"

●  4-8 people per training session

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