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Fully individualized functional training programs
for you to do at your pace, location, and desire
Home of the TNT Boxing Fight Team, we develop our
fighters in a unique fashion to ensure victory
Work one on one with one any of our highly experienced trainers
to reach your goals within a timely and efficient manner
Our unique blend of small group training,
maximizing individualism within a group session
Work one on one with one any of our highly experienced trainers
to reach your goals within a timely and efficient manner
Functional training classes designed to improve athleticism
in all ages and abilities through proper movement science
Boxing group classes designed to teach how to throw a punch
properly, move like a fighter, and improve overall conditioning
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Boxing, Functional Training, and Athletic Development
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Home of TNT Boxing Team and Boxing conditioning classes for all ages and abilities
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Functional Training classes designed to improve overall strength, endurance, mobility, and keep the body healthy and free from injury.
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I started training in September with the goal of losing weight to enter the Golden Gloves. At the time I was 205 and needed to get down to 165 for the fights. Having never dieted before, I basically began starving myself, allowing myself about 1500 calories a day. I lost some weight doing this but I also lost strength and endurance. Mike took over and started me on a meal plan that allowed me to eat over 2500 calories a day. Ultimately I was able to drop the 40 pounds by the end of December and was somehow stronger. The intensity of the training, which escalated weekly, coupled with a diet matching my training allowed me to turn my 205 pound frame into a lean, mean 165.

~ Sean M., 22

I had major spine surgery five years ago, and have been experiencing chronic back pain since. Since I started working with my CoreBox trainer about seven months ago, the difference in my muscle tone and back pain has been amazing. I feel more confident in my own skin and look forward to the challenging workouts. But more importantly, my back pain is almost negligible. The trainers are always available for ALL of my questions (and I ask a TON of 'em) and have been the most supportive, knowledgeable, and skilled group of trainers I've ever had.

~Megan, 30

Doesn't get any better, the boxing is great , focusing on proper techniques of the trade , the strength conditioning class is a great group style class that uses body weigh for mobility and strength combined... Both will put you in great shape... Gotta give it a try, a little more exciting than lifting weights or jogging.

~ Bill, 54

Mike Foley is a special trainer so much knowledge and education on health, fitness, training, and anatomy & physiology. He helps you understand why and what are bodies are capable of doing you will be pushed but won't get hurt, you will be sore at first and then you will notice your body is much more flexible and stronger. Every class is different and a challenge
He is definitely into the science of exercise as well as all around health. You are never taught anything new without understanding what the benefits and purpose of the exercise is for. This is all taught in Mike Foley style of very calm,laid back, and non intimidating. To sum it up, you will be doing things you never thought possible and without being afraid to try anything and with that being said this courage and empowerment goes outside the gym as well and helps me in all aspects of my life. 

~ Gina, 48

The athletic conditioning circuits specifically have helped me achieve more than I thought possible. I've always been a competitive hockey player, through high school and college, however after college ended I noticed my game slowing down. Being as competitive as I am, I needed to improve somehow, someway. Since I've started I've lost over 35 lbs and 9% bodyfat, and am competing at higher levels of hockey than I ever thought possible. My shot is harder, I skate faster, and my stickhandling is through the roof. My only regret is that I hadn't taken this approach sooner.

~ Patrick, 24

I have always been an avid runner - but through the past years I have had several injuries to my ankle, which began to jeopardize my ability to continue my passion. My trainer at CoreBox helped me identify my weaknesses with the Functional Movement Screen and addressing the true root of my injury. Since I started, I have regained almost 100% of my mobility in my ankle and have resumed running...without pain! Also, I began to do weight training which has had great results - I went from 6 pushups to 45 pushups in 1 minute in just my first 6 weeks. I'd like to see any other 57 year old top that!

~ Bob, 57

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