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CORE Perform

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard". Probably one of the simplest, most accurate quotes in regards to athletes and the world of sports in general. Talent will only get an athlete so far, that's where we come in.

It all starts with testing, how else would we know as performance coaches where to begin programming for any athlete? It would be a disservice to our athletes if we did not properly test, so we make sure to put all athletes through a rigorous initial assessment. By the time the assessment is completed, we know more about the athlete than they do themselves; which we should if we are to properly enhance their athletic potential while ensuring they stay free from injury, both in our facility and in competition.

How we differ from other training programs is the recognition that each sport has it's own unique movements that need to be trained specifically to improve in-game functionality (i.e. a hockey player and a swimmer should NEVER train the exact same way). Furthermore, each position within any given sport requires an additional set of unique movements that need to vary between positions (i.e. a baseball centerfielder and a baseball catcher shouldn't train the same). Lastly, and this is where it gets borderline obsessive with how intricate our programs are: NO TWO ATHLETES OF ANY SPORT OR POSITION SHOULD TRAIN EXACTLY ALIKE! Each athlete is created differently, from their injury history to their movement imbalances and genetic abilities, so why should two linebackers, although they both play the same position, train the same way? One could have had a torn MCL which caused their hips and knees to function differently while the other may have a nagging shoulder injury from a previous collision. Those two athlete's need different programs to keep them 100% healthy going into their upcoming seasons.

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