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What Is CoreBox?

CoreBox Training Center is a unique training facility in Randolph, MA, providing the highest level of athlete performance, personal training, boxing, and functional training classes to the entire South Shore.

CoreBox first opened it's doors in February of 2015 by owner Michael Foley. The vision was simple, to create an "adult playground", built by athletes for athletes. CoreBox is one of the more innovative and unique training facilities you'll experience, constantly updated with cutting edge equipment, or "toys" as the trainers like to call them. Having expanded from 5,000 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq. ft. has allowed us the opportunity to create more dynamic programming for athletes, teams, and the general population alike.

As a leader in athlete performance in Massachusetts, we're happy to be called home by some of the best athletes and teams in the state, helping several teams win State Championships in various sports. Our athletes have found immense success in our individualized programming, something we take a lot of pride in.

Here at CoreBox we also offer a variety of different programs to perfectly suit just about anyone's needs and goals. Our boxing program is designed to incorporate all levels, from a first time beginner to a seasoned professional fighter, and everyone in between. Boxing classes should NOT just be mindlessly hitting a bag until you're red in the face and bored out of your mind, but rather should be exciting, challenging (both physically and mentally), and fun. Sparring sessions are encouraged for all who want to try getting in the ring with someone for the first time and are held regularly for our amateur and professional fighters. Our youth program helps develop the student as a whole through proper techniques, discipline, and overall conditioning.

Our functional training classes are above and beyond any you'll find in the area. Functional training and functional exercises have been a buzz word in the fitness industry in recent times, but often it is conveyed incorrectly. There is no such thing as a "functional exercise" as no exercise is perfect for everyone. All of us are created 100% unique, starting with our DNA and furthermore with our lifestyle, activities, and daily movements. So then the question is, why should we ever do the exact same program as someone else when we move, function, and perform so much differently? Train the individual to maximize personalized goals has been the motto of head trainer and owner Mike Foley's entire career, and it's what is instilled to all trainers and staff here at CoreBox.

It gives us great pleasure to be regarded so highly in our community, and we enjoy paying it forward as well. We will often hold events for a variety of different charities, including special boxing promotions like Battle at the Bay, Punch 4 Parkinson's, and Haymakers for Hope. Additionally, in 2023 we began laying the groundwork for an in-house scholarship for athletes within our program. Through the ForeBox Golf Tournament we are able to provide athletes from our facility scholarship money through the Susan P. Foley Memorial Scholarship so they can further enrich their academic and athletic goals at the collegiate level. Additionally, we are beyond pleased to be partnered with Rock Steady Boxing, a program designed to provide boxing for those affected with Parkinson's Disease.

Every so often here at the gym we'll hold amateur fight nights, where we can showcase some of the great youth talent in and around the south shore. Various gyms are invited to have their fighters compete, and it always turns out a huge crowd. Keep your eye out on our social media pages for more information and updates for our next fight night!

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