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Program Design

Have you always been interested in trying personal training, but perhaps your schedule won't allow time to meet with a trainer or it's too expensive for your budget? We have a perfect solution to these problems here at CoreBox.

Our trainers are OBSESSED with developing new training programs for each individual, the personalizing of each program is our favorite part of the job. Basically we follow similar protocols as if you were starting one-on-one training, beginning with an assessment, functional movement screen, etc. Then from there we develop a personalized program unique to your goals and needs, then from there you take it home with you to perform the daily workouts.

During your time away from the center, our personal trainers are very readily available for phone calls, texts, emails, etc. if you have any questions regarding your program.

We do the design work, all you need to do is follow the program at your convenience and pace. All the guess work about what exercises and sets or reps is taken out, and an easy to follow program is given to you. This is by far the most affordable option of quality personal training that you will ever find, guaranteed!

Any questions regarding Program Design, or to get a personalized workout for yourself, see the personalized workouts tab and fill out the form

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